TV Station

ACPS-TV may be viewed on Channel 71. While all of the ACPS-TV programs will be repeated as time allows, viewers may always find the listed programs at the times provided on the programming schedule and many shows are archived on our YouTube channel at for online viewing.


ACPS-TV Programming Schedule

The ACPS television station operates out of the studio at T.C. Williams High School. Training is provided at the studio to teachers and staff interested in utilizing the facilities to produce material for ACPS-TV.

Students use the studio to produce such programming as news magazines, public service announcements, comedies and parodies and the annual Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Telethon, in which students tend every crew position, from producing and directing to running cameras.

Each school is equipped with its own television studio, and teachers are encouraged to produce and send their shows to ACPS-TV to be shown on the channel. In addition to the morning news shows, schools have produced talk shows, student-created variety shows and videos of classroom projects.


  • has been online since January 15, 1999, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • can be accessed in every ACPS classroom and in the homes of more than 55,000 cable subscribers in the City of Alexandria
  • television production teachers use the facilities to offer lessons in accordance with state career and technical standards, allowing students to get hands-on experience
  • offers distance learning opportunities for staff and the community
  • is distributed from its studio facility located in T.C. Williams High School
  • interrupts regular programming to continually display emergency announcements (school closings, early dismissals, etc.)

Comments or questions regarding ACPS-TV should be directed to Nathan Goldstein, TV Station Manager at .