The Harry Burke Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Special Education and The Anne Lipnick Inclusion for All Award

Information regarding the 2016 nomination process will be posted in spring 2016.


Nominees must be full-time teachers or paraprofessionals (pre-school through grade 12) in an Alexandria City Public School. Previous winners are not eligible.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees must be teachers or paraprofessionals who demonstrate:

  • Excellence in performance of duties
  • Achievements with a positive impact on students in special education
  • Superior understanding of the individual needs and abilities of students
  • An ability to foster self-esteem and inspire achievement
  • An ability to involve parents in the special education of their children

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations may be submitted by current or former students, parents, teachers, administrators or community members. Teachers may not nominate themselves. Nomination materials must include:

  • One formal nomination letter or memo that includes the nominator's contact information on the Nomination Form Cover Sheet
  • The initial supporter should submit a letter or memo describing how the nominee fulfills the qualities listed above. In addition, a minimum of two letters of support for the candidate should be included from others who have firsthand knowledge of why the nominee deserves recognition.

The best teachers make a personal effort to offer individualized experiences to our students. We suggest including sincere letters of support from current and former students, parents and co-workers. These do not have to be lengthy Sincerity is the best testimonial and most treasured praise to deserving educators.

Awards shall be granted as follows:

  • To one special educator at the primary level (pre-school through elementary)
  • To one special educator at the secondary level (middle school or high school)
  • To an outstanding paraprofessional at any level
  • To a general education teacher who demonstrates a commitment to inclusive practices in all educational environments


Entries should be sent to:

Harry Burke and Anne Lipnick Awards
Attn: Brenda Hopkins
Office of Special Education Services
Alexandria City Public Schools
1340 Braddock Place, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703-619-8023
Fax: 703-619-8984

Selection Process

Award winners will be selected without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, marital or parental status.