Pandemic Flu Response Plan

A work group in ACPS has been working closely with City and Health Department officials to develop a pandemic flu response plan. We currently have a draft plan which is very much a living document and is being amended as we learn more about pandemic flu and its potential impact on our school system. In addition to this draft plan, we have met with administrators and principals and started the process of developing sub plans specific to individual departments and schools. Currently, each principal is working through a questionnaire with their school crisis team to assist with this planning process.

Deputy Superintendent Cathy David has been in conversation with other school systems about coordinating our planning efforts for maintaining the continuity of education in the event of a pandemic. We are discussing the use of technology including television and radio. This is one area of our plan that is getting more focus at this time. At the secondary level, we would plan to use the student laptops and Blackboard program to help facilitate ongoing instruction and learning during a prolonged closure of school.

For more information, please contact Robin Wallin, Nurse Coordinator, at 703-824-6650, or to learn how families can prepare visit