General Organizational Parameters for Standing Committees

A. Membership - Each member of a standing committee shall be appointed by the Chairman following the July organizational meeting and shall serve a term of one year or until June 30th of the following year.

B. Scope of Work - Work undertaken by each committee shall be at the direction of the Board. When a committee desires to conduct self-initiated work, the Committee Chairman will present a proposal to the Board for approval.

C. Authority - The committee shall have the authority to set agendas, conduct fact finding, and make recommendations to the Board for action. With the approval of the Board, the chairman may refer appropriate issues to the Committee for review and discussion and preparation of recommendations, as appropriate.

D. Meetings - Meetings of a committee shall be public consistent with the requirements of Virginia law. Committee meetings shall be scheduled by the Chairman of the Committee, as needed. Committee Chairmen shall inform the Clerk of the Board of scheduled meetings in sufficient time to allow for public notice. Agendas will be made available to Board members and the public at least three days prior to committee meetings.

E. Reporting Requirements - Each committee may request time on the Board's agenda following each committee meeting to report on their work, submit proposals for self-initiated work and such other matters as the committee deems necessary. Minutes of the meeting shall be approved by the committee, kept on file with the Board Clerk, distributed to the School Board and posted on the ACPS Web site.

Committees in Previous Years