Alexandria City Public Schools Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Adopted by the Alexandria City School Board, March 19, 2009
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Set the international standard for educational excellence, where all students achieve their potential and actively contribute to our local and global communities.


Provide the environment, resources, and commitment to ensure that each and every student succeeds — academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.


We Believe In Educational Excellence

  • Every child deserves a healthy, safe, engaging, supportive and challenging learning environment.
  • All students shall be prepared as life long learners for career, college and civic responsibilities.
  • Educational programs must promote creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and international understanding so our graduates can succeed in a global economy.
  • We recruit, develop and retain only effective and dedicated administrators, teachers and staff.

We Believe In Higher Achievement for All

  • Each and every student can learn.
  • Students will show respect and responsibility for oneself and others, and shall become self-reliant advocates for their learning.
  • Educational outcomes are not presumed by income, race, disability, gender, language or family background.
  • We value, respect and embrace diversity and have high expectations of all students and employees.
  • We strive to diversify our staff to reflect varied cultural backgrounds and serve as positive role models for our students.

We Believe In A Culture of Collaboration

  • Home, school and community all play a vital role in student success.
  • We reach out to community stakeholders.
  • By working together, teachers and staff model collaborative behavior and improve the quality of learning for all students.

We Believe In Continuous Improvement and Accountability

  • Educational program decisions are based on research-proven best practices.
  • We encourage and nurture innovative educational and business methods.
  • All decisions are transparent, fair, consistent, professional and evidence-based.
  • We set clear, actionable goals and measure, publicize and take responsibility for our results.
  • We are fiscally responsible and use resources efficiently and strategically.

We Believe In Environmental Stewardship

  • A healthy environment is critical to our future.
  • We think green, build green, teach green, and live green.


Equity and Excellence: Every student prepared for college, work and life.

Each student, with support for their unique circumstances, will graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills necessary for higher education, multiple career paths and active citizenship.

  1. Ensure all students demonstrate significant academic growth, and dramatically improve achievement outcomes for students below grade level.
  2. Provide a rigorous, relevant, and internationally benchmarked education to enable all students to succeed as citizens in the global community.
  3. Create an exceptional learning environment.
  4. Implement a focused, transparent governance model that incorporates effective communication and evidence-based decision making.
  5. Provide clean, safe and conducive learning environments that utilize best practices for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


1. Ensure all students demonstrate significant academic growth, and dramatically improve achievement outcomes for students below grade level.

  1. Eliminate academic achievement differences among race, income, disability and language subgroups.
  2. Demonstrate every student achieves at least one year of academic progress annually in reading, writing and math and greater than one year for any student below grade level.
  3. Lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive and coordinated model that provides quality pre-K experiences for all 4 year olds in the City of Alexandria.
  4. Ensure every secondary student has a comprehensive plan for success and is equipped with the tools necessary to achieve their goals upon high school graduation.
  5. Establish a division wide program to empower parents to be supportive and informed advocates for their children.
  6. Ensure 100% compliance with the implementation of Individualized Education Programs as written and maintain compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  7. Create or expand alternative education strategies and programs that will minimize out of school suspensions and improve the graduation rate.
  8. Create effective partnerships to encourage a sense of community ownership of our schools and to support the development of the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of students.

2. Provide a rigorous, relevant, and internationally benchmarked education to enable all students to succeed as citizens in the global community.

  1. Develop an adaptable curriculum appropriate for the changing needs of society that addresses 21st century skills, including creativity, higher order thinking skills and project based learning.
  2. Create a vertically aligned preK-12 ACPS curriculum which exceeds state standards and identifies appropriate international benchmarks and assessments.
  3. Ensure every child is challenged and engaged with school experiences responsive to each student's talent and interests.
  4. Increase participation and successful completion of Advanced Placement, honors, world language, advanced math, and science courses.
  5. Provide opportunities to develop civic responsibility through community service projects; encourage participation in team sports, internships and after school enrichment activities.
  6. Promote excellence and increase participation in the fine arts and career and technical education (CTE) courses.
  7. Implement at each school, an exemplary educational program that enhances the curriculum and meets the needs of the students.
  8. Institute a consistent, division-wide approach to help students develop positive relationships, show respect and responsibility and become self-reliant advocates for their learning.

3. Create an exceptional learning environment.

  1. Recruit, retain and develop superior staff.
  2. Achieve cultural competence for all staff with diversity training that incorporates awareness, understanding, high expectations and appropriate instruction for all students
  3. Foster collaboration and shared responsibility for student development and achievement with all members of the school community.
  4. Ensure every student has a responsible adult advocate, mentor, or advisor.

4. Implement a focused, transparent governance model which incorporates effective communication and evidence-based decision making.

  1. Develop and revise policies to ensure effective governance, continuous improvement and accountability.
  2. Ensure prudent financial stewardship and resources necessary to achieve the strategic plan.
  3. Implement an internationally recognized assessment to measure performance management and leadership excellence.

5. Provide clean, safe and conducive learning environments that utilize best practices for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

  1. Integrate environmental stewardship throughout the curriculum, as well as facility design, construction and operations.
  2. Collaborate with the City of Alexandria to achieve the Eco-City vision.


Thank you to the following individuals and organizations that participated in the strategic team meetings and provided significant contributions to the final plan. Their innovative ideas, thoughtful insight and valuable feedback were instrumental throughout the process.



Rudy AbateHigh School — Student Council Association
Anne Marie BakerPlexus Consulting Group Facilitator
Michele BrandonCareer and Technical Education Advisory Committee
Lillian BrooksAlexandria Court Services
James ButlerAlexandria Federation of Civic Associations
Margaret ByessAssistant Superintendent for Finance
Bill CampbellParents and Teachers Association (elementary school)
Ronnie CampbellSchool Board Member
Eileen Cassidy-RiveraSchool Board Member
Vickie CattaneoParents and Teachers Association (high school)
George ChadwickAlexandria Arts Forum
John ChapmanAlexandria Youth Policy Commission
Francis M. Chase, Sr.Education Association of Alexandria (elementary school)
Debra CollinsAlexandria City Manager's Staff
Sally CraftUrban League Northern Virginia
Sybil Currie-BoydEducation Association of Alexandria (middle school)
Cathy DavidDeputy Superintendent
Sherry DelaneyTalented and Gifted Advisory Committee
Rick DormanAlexandria Chamber of Commerce
Mark EisenhourAdministrator (high school)
Maribel EnriquezSuperintendent's Advisory Committee on Latino Student Achievement
Dawn FeltmanAdministrator (elementary school)
Yvonne FolkertsSchool Board Member
Mary GaddisEducation Association of Alexandria (support staff)
Sheryl GorsuchSchool Board Member
Jay GrymesAssistant Superintendent for Federal and State Programs
Jonathan GueverraNorthern Virginia Community College
Pat HennigSubstance Abuse Education and Violence Prevention Advisory Committee
Madye HensonSuperintendent's Advisory Committees on African American Student Achievement
Theresa HernandezFamily Life Education Advisory Committee
Janice HowardNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People — Alexandria Branch
Karen HughesRotary Club of Alexandria
Robin Jamison-MoorerEducation Association of Alexandria (high school)
Jennifer JonesPlexus Consulting Group Facilitator
Amanda KarkhoffStudent Health Advisory Board
Eric LeventhalFacilitator
Kostas LiopirosAlexandria Information Technology Commission
Blanche ManessSchool Board Member
Sean McEnearneyAlexandria Early Childhood Commission
Scott NewshamSchool Board Member
Crystal OlguinPlexus Consulting Group Facilitator
Arthur PeabodySchool Board Member
Jennifer PflastererPlexus Consulting Group Facilitator
Shainada PhilipsHigh School — Senior Class
John PorterAssistant Superintendent for Planning and Operations
Carlyle RingFormer Alexandria School Board Chairs
Morton ShermanSuperintendent
Joseph ShumardSchool Board Budget Advisory Committee
Garry SteeleAdministrator (middle school)
Sandra Strachan-VieiraSpecial Education Advisory Committee
Evelyn UrrutiaTenants and Workers United
Marc WilliamsSchool Board Member
Charles WilsonSchool Board Member
Margaret WohlerAlexandria Arts Commission
Steven M. WorthPlexus Consulting Group Facilitator
Jeff ZackParents and Teachers Association (middle school)


Ruth DinzeyTenants and Workers United
Carol FarrellAlexandria Early Childhood Commission/City Manager
Ron FrazierAlexandria Youth Policy Commission/City Manager
Marianne HetzerParents and Teachers Association
Maureen LearyAlexandria Early Childhood Commission
Ron LemleyAlexandria Court Services
Janice McLauryParents and Teachers Association
Gina MillerEducation Association of Alexandria (elementary school)
Nichole RonersonEducation Association of Alexandria (support staff)
Cathy SantiagoSuperintendent's Advisory Committee on Latino Student Achievement
Sara SchaeferAdministrator (middle school)
Mpho TutuTalented and Gifted Advisory Committee