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FY 2018 Budget Information



02/13/2017 School Board Add/Deletes and Superintendent's Recommended Adjustments to FY 2018 Proposed Budget
02/07/2017 Budget Board Questions and Responses
01/12/2017 Press Release: Superintendent Proposes Leanest Operating Budget in Years
01/12/2017 Superintendent's Proposed FY 2018 Combined Funds Budget
01/12/2017 Superintendent's Presentation to the School Board on the Proposed FY 2018 Combined Funds Budget
12/16/2016 School Board Requests $46m More for Swing Space in Final Approved CIP Budget
12/06/2016 School Board Work Session on CIP Budget
12/01/2016 CIP Budget Add/Deletes
11/21/2016 School Board Work Session on CIP Budget
11/07/2016 School Board Work Session on CIP Budget
11/03/2016 School Board Work Session on CIP Budget
10/27/2016 Proposed 2018-2027 CIP Budget (PDF)
10/27/2016 Presentation of the FY 2018-2027 CIP Budget (PDF)
10/06/2016 Community Budget Forum
09/26/2016 School Board Budget Priorities for FY 2018 Combined Funds Budget and FY 2018 - FY 2027 CIP Budget
09/15/2016 Alexandria City School Board Budget Process Resolution
09/15/2016 FY 2018 Rules of Engagement for School Board Budget Questions and the Add/Delete Process for the Combined Funds and 10?Year CIP Budgets
09/15/2016 FY 2018 Budget Calendar

FY 2017 Budget Information

The Alexandria City School Board adopted the FY 2017 Final Combined Funds Budget on May 26, 2016 and included the adjustments shown in the Board motion.

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