Center for the Arts K-12

Innovation, Creativity, Determination, Innovation

The ACPS Center for the Arts, World Languages, STEM, Literacy, Community Partnerships, YALE Leadership Series Center functions as a program of ACPS and serves all students K-12. There is an administrative leadership team of 45 Community Partner Executives and Directors, 22 Teachers (9-12), 31 Community Partners, 13 CFA Courses, 3 Education Departments, 102 Course Sections, 23 K-12 School-Based Programs, 27 Community Programs and Projects, 13 District Programs, 6 Support Programs and a YALE Leadership Series. All programs are supported through private funds.

Virginia Blue Ribbon State Award (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Contact Information

Shawn C. Thorpe, M.Ed.
Academic Principal on Assignment
Center for the Arts K-12
Alexandria City Public Schools
T.C. Williams High School(Office Location)
3330 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22302
Tel: 703-824-6800