Curriculum and Instruction

The vision of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is to ensure all ACPS students are prepared and equipped for success in college, work, and life in a global society.

We accomplish this mission through actively supporting, ACPS employees, through collaborative efforts, to consistently implement a rigorous and relevant 21 century curriculum via research-prove instructional practices.

We are focused on ensuring all of our students are successful with the rigorous ACPS curriculum. The board of education has identified priority areas that guide our work as we strive to ensure success for all students. These priorities are:

  1. Improving achievement outcomes for our students with disabilities.
  2. Improving literacy outcomes for our elementary students.
  3. Improving achievement outcomes for our EL students.
  4. Refining our development and implementation of a 21st century curriculum.
  5. Improving achievement outcomes for our middle school students.
  6. Continuing the transformation of our high school, TC Williams.
  7. Improving the identification and outcomes for talented and gifted youth, especially in our under represented populations.

To accomplish these priorities, all of the offices within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction are focused on supporting the development and refinement of essential ACPS competencies through the lens of the ACPS Learning and Teaching Model. The curriculum, our pedagogy, and our relationships with students all intertwine to support student success.

Supporting our schools and working as a team the following teams comprise the Department of Curriculum and Instruction:

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