Central Office Administrative Staff

Superintendent and Executive Staff

Superintendent 703-619-8001
Chief Academic Officer 703-619-8020
Interim Chief Financial Officer 703-619-8140
Chief Human Resources Officer 703-619-8010
Chief Technology Officer 703-619-8005
Chief Accountability Officer 703-619-8032
Chief Operating Officer 703-619-8097
Chief of Student Services, Alternative Programs and Equity 703-619-8351

Central Office Administrators

Executive Director of Curriculum Design and Services 703-619-8326
Director of Accounting 703-619-8145
Director of IT Infrastructure and Support Services 703-619-8104
Director of Planning, Construction and Design 703-619-8294
Director of Employee Relations 703-619-8178
Director of School Nutrition Services 703-824-6640
Director of Educational Facilities 703-619-8289
Director of Procurement 703-619-8140
Director of Communications and Public Relations 703-619-8310
Director of Employment Services 703-619-8169
Director of Secondary Instruction 703-619-8308
Director of Equity and Cultural Competency 703-619-8165
Director of Title I Programs 703-619-8280
Executive Director of English Learning (EL) 703-619-8022
Director of Elementary Instruction 703-619-8317
Director of Pupil Transportation 703-461-4169
Director of Education and Business Applications 703-619-8125
Executive Director of Specialized Instruction 703-619-8023