Attendance Zone Locator

The Attendance Zone Locator (WebQuery) is currently undergoing annual updates. If there are any questions or issues, please contact the Transportation Department at 703-461-4169.

Children are assigned to a neighborhood school based on their home address. An attendance zone map (16MB PDF) is available to provide a general overview of elementary school attendance zones, but should not be used to make a determination for specific street addresses. To determine your child's neighborhood school, please use the searchable Attendance Zone Locator (WebQuery).

Elementary class sizes are capped at 20 students for kindergarten, 22 students for grades 1 and 2, and 24 students for grades 3, 4, and 5. To ensure that class sizes do not exceed these caps, the School Board adopted a Modified Open Enrollment policy [JCD] and implementation regulations [JCD-R] in March, 2010. Please refer to Section J of the School Board Manual to learn more about the factors that can influence where your elementary age student may actually be assigned.

If you have a specific question about what schools are assigned to an address, please call 703-619-8007 for assistance.

Find Your Neighborhood School

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Please note that residents of Alexandria, Fairfax County attend the Fairfax County Public Schools. You can search the Fairfax County Public Schools Boundary Information System at