Family And Community Engagement (FACE)

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What is FACE?

FACE stands for Family And Community Engagement. The goal of the FACE Center is to provide opportunities and resources for students, families and community members to participate in activities relevant to the academic achievement of ACPS students. Research indicates that engagement in schools not only helps improve student academic outcomes but is also linked to improved behavior, attendance, graduation and college enrollment rates.

What does the FACE Center offer?

The FACE Center offers the opportunity to integrate relevant afterschool activities for students with workshops and resources for parents and community members aimed at improving ACPS students' academic achievement. FACE also offers a one-stop shop for families and the community to obtain information and support on educational and other issues.

Call, e-mail or stop by the FACE Center today to gain information regarding:

  • Supporting your child's education
  • Helping your child with his/her homework
  • How to prepare for parent-teacher conferences
  • Understanding school policies, report cards, assessment tests and more
  • Obtaining referrals to other community resources
  • Any concerns or questions you may have regarding your child's education

Where is the FACE Center?

The FACE Center's one-stop shop for information and resources is located at the ACPS Central Office. Parents, students and community members are encouraged to call or stop by any time.

The FACE Center
Alexandria City Public Schools
1340 Braddock Place, 7th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314