Current Requests for Bids, Proposals and Qualifications

Listed below are the current solicitations. Note that changes and addenda to the solicitation may occur prior to closing and/or opening. Be sure to check the listing frequently. For questions on specific solicitations, please call 703-619-8043.

Interested offerors/bidders may obtain a copy of a solicitation by:

  • Clicking on the links below to view or print.
  • Picking up a hard copy at the address below:
    Alexandria City Public Schools
    Procurement Office
    1340 Braddock Place
    Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Sending your request via fax to 703-619-8090.


Network Switching and Wi-Fi Equipment

ITB NUMBER: 15-02-07 (PDF)

Wide Area Network Infrastructure Equipment

ITB NUMBER: 15-02-06 (PDF)

T.C. Williams High School Minnie Howard Campus Generator Replacement

ITB NUMBER: 15-01-06 (PDF)
Attachment A: Drawings (PDF)
Addendum 1 (PDF)
Addendum 2: Pre-bid Conference Attendees (PDF)
Addendum 3: Questions and Answers (PDF)
Addendum 4: Questions and Answers (PDF)
Addendum 5: Questions and Answers (PDF)

John Adams Elementary School Switchgear Replacement

ITB NUMBER: 15-01-05 (PDF)
Attachment A: Drawings (PDF)
Pre-bid Conference Attendees (PDF)
Addendum 1: Questions and Answers 1 (PDF)
Addendum 2: Questions and Answers 2 (PDF)


ITB NUMBER: 15-01-04 (PDF)
Addendum 1 (PDF)
Addendum 2 (PDF)
Addendum 3 (PDF)


Bleacher Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

RFP NUMBER: 15-02-13 (PDF)
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Internet Service

RFP NUMBER: 15-02-10 (PDF)

Translation and Interpretation Services

RFP NUMBER: 15-02-09 (PDF)

Stage Curtains and Related Equipment

RFP NUMBER: 15-01-07 (PDF)
Addendum 1 (PDF)

Roof Maintenance and Repair and Related Services

RFP NUMBER: 15-02-04 (PDF)
Rooftop Duct Insulation Drawings (PDF)
Addendum 1 (PDF)

Environmental Services and Inspection Services

RFP NUMBER: 15-02-01 (PDF)
Addendum 1 (PDF)
Addendum 2 (PDF)
Addendum 3 (PDF)


None at this time.


None at this time.