ACPS Administrator Growth and Assessment System Online Briefing Room

In January 2013 Human Resources placed a call for volunteers and established the Administrator Evaluation Review Committee to crosswalk the ACPS Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) with new Virginia Guidelines for Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria; develop and recommend process revisions related to administrator evaluation that meet the new state guidelines.

The committee, consisting of a diverse group including elementary, middle and high school teachers and administrators, collaborated with additional subject matter experts in curriculum and instruction, and accountability, to create the ACPS Administrator Growth and Assessment System.

1. Review the ACPS Administrator Growth and Assessment System Handbook (PDF).

2. View the School Board Presentation System Overview (PDF).

3. Review the Research Synthesis of Virginia Principal Evaluation Competencies and Standards (PDF). VDOE provided research and findings supporting the state guidelines to evaluation. This document is the result of the state committee work.

4. Questions? Use our online contact form. We will post frequently asked questions, comments and responses.