Mission Statement

George Mason Elementary School is dedicated to developing students' love of learning, academic excellence, and respect and appreciation for our community's diversity. To these ends, we prepare learners to utilize skills for a variety of purposes and in differing contexts. We seek academic excellence for all students built upon the mastery of basic skills through varied approaches to learning and teaching.

We provide experiences that foster academic, social, physical and cognitive growth. We prepare competent learners who are self-directed, self-evaluative risk takers. George Mason Elementary School provides the appropriate supportive, challenging, and nurturing environment to enhance this growth in harmony with the home and larger community.

School Goals

  • To create a climate of expectation in which everyone acts on the belief that all students can attain mastery of the essential academic and behavioral skills at each grade level.
  • To create a school climate that promotes student recognition and student involvement in activities and organizations which correlate with academic and lifetime success.
  • To provide a curriculum that has continuity and reflects a balance in all areas of learning.
  • To establish a collaborative and cooperative partnership between school and community.
  • To decrease the percentage of students scoring in the bottom quartile in reading and math as measured by standardized test data and criterion referenced tests data.
  • To identify inhibitors of learning for low achieving K-3 students while trying to facilitate students' academic progress.
  • To direct the instructional program for a diverse student population, while enforcing school board policies and regulations and State Standards of Accreditation.
  • To implement instructional practices that enhance achievement for all George Mason students.
  • To maintain open communication between parents and school.