Communications and Public Relations

Communications and Public Relations contributes to increased student achievement by providing information that promotes parental and community support and involvement. Information is provided through a variety of media and languages, as appropriate for the community and parent populations of Alexandria.

Communications Goals

  • Ensure student success by disseminating information leading to increased parent and community involvement and higher student achievement.
  • Increase community support and resources for ACPS by sharing success stories and promoting the school division.
  • Educate target audiences about important issues in education that affect Alexandria students. Explain complicated matters such as No Child Left Behind in a way that makes sense to most people.
  • Effectively relay school closing and emergency information.
  • Work closely with various groups to collaboratively accomplish these objectives.

Contact Information

Photo of Helen Lloyd Helen Lloyd
Director, Communications and Public Relations
Alexandria City Public Schools
1340 Braddock Place, 6th Floor
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Tel: 703-619-8003
Fax: 703-619-8090