Student Services

NOTICE: Student Services is now located on the fifth floor of the new Central Office building at 1340 Braddock Place. Our new telephone number is 703-619-8034.

The Student Services staff works to ensure that success happens for every child, every day. These professionals are committed to delivering the promise of the School Board's commitment to the academic, social, physical and emotional well-being and progress of each and every student.

ACPS serves students with extraordinary talents and extraordinary needs. Using a cross-disciplinary approach to holistic services for students and their families, the professionals in the Student Services arena address the physical health, psychological, counseling and social work needs of ACPS students and families. Continuous increases in enrollment and in the particular social-emotional needs of our students and families dramatically impact the requirements on these professionals. They deliver essential services with expertise, compassion and a commitment to positive results for each and every student.

Contact Information

Photo of Margee Walsh Margee Walsh, Ed.D.
Chief Student Services Officer
Alexandria City Public Schools
1340 Braddock Place, 5th Floor
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Tel: 703-619-8034