ACPS Online Learning Program (ACPS-OLP)

"In our current system, time is the constant and achievement the variable. We have it backwards. Achievement should be the constant and time the variable." — 1992 SCANS Report.

In Alexandria City Public Schools we offer rigorous online courses that are closely aligned with Virginia standards, taught by highly qualified teachers, provide flexibility in pace, and offer differentiation and individualized instruction. Central to what we do is a committed team of teachers, online mentors, counselors, and support resources to ensure that every student has the tools they need to succeed in their courses.

Students participate in online courses in a variety of ways and for a team of diverse reasons that include:

  • a need for increased flexibility (i.e. in order to be able to gain work experience during school hours)
  • to be able to partake in extracurricular training opportunities (i.e. athletes)
  • to be able to graduate early
  • to recover credits in order to get back or stay on track to graduation
  • health reasons (i.e. homebound students)

We are proud to offer dynamic, challenging, and enriching courses and supplemental learning experiences to our students, anywhere, anytime through the Alexandria City Public Schools Online Learning Program (OLP).

  • Customized curricular options that complement full- or part-time online learning and home schooling coursework and meets student's academic needs, interests, and passions
  • 24/7 Online Tutoring Services available to all students in grades 6-12
  • NCAA approved courses
  • Flexibility to work at one's own pace and on his/her own schedule
  • Competency based credit recovery courses in which students advance through based on mastery of content that includes application and creation of knowledge along with the development of important skills