Alexandria City High School Driver's Education

  • What is Driver's Education?

    Driver's Education is a two-part course that is required in the licensing process to obtain a Virginia Driver's License. The two-part course consists of Classroom Driver's Education and Behind-the-Wheel instruction.

    Part 1: Classroom Driver's Education

    Alexandria City High School students enrolled in PE 10 will take one quarter of Driver Education during the school year. Students will take the course according to the scheduled quarter for their assigned teacher. During the course, students are required to receive at least 36 hours of in-class instruction. Students at Alexandria City High School are held to the following minimum requirements:

    1. Pass the course with at least a D.
    2. Take all assessments. Students will be tested/ assessed on 11 different modules.
    3. Attend the State-mandated Partners for Safe Teen Driving Presentation.
      • This presentation is offered 3 times during the school year and once during Summer School.
      • The presentation is 90 minutes long and you must stay the entire length in order for your attendance to count.
      • Students are encouraged to attend the year they are enrolled in PE 10/ DE.
      • Students not attending the year they take PE 10 will pay a $30 fee to attend the presentation
      • Please bring the following items to the presentation: Parent/ Legal Guardian, Pen, Student ID #.
      • Partners for Safe Teen Driving Presentation Registration form

    Students may take an online version of classroom Driver's Education. The cost of the online course is $109. If Alexandria City High School students take this course before their 10th-grade year, they will still be enrolled in Driver's Education during their 10th-grade year. It is the view of the state that all students enrolled in PE 10 in a school where Driver's Education is offered should be required to take Driver's Education regardless of age or licensure status.

    When students have completed all the requirements of Driver's Education they will receive a DEC-1 card (pink card) to give to their Behind-the-Wheel instructor. If students lose their DEC-1 card they may obtain another one by contacting Brett Eanes, the Driver's Education Coordinator.

    • A replacement card will cost $5.
    • Please provide a copy of your grades from the registrar.
    • If possible, provide your teacher's name.
    • You must allow at least two business days to receive your replacement card. Same-day service cannot be promised.

    Part 2: Behind-the-Wheel Instruction

    Behind-the-Wheel is only necessary for individuals younger than 18. Those that are older may go to the DMV to get their license. Alexandria City High School does not provide Behind-the-Wheel instruction. Approved schools can be found on the DMV website

    • Behind-the-Wheel requires a minimum of 14 hours (usually seven meetings, two hours each).
    • The instructor will provide the 180-day temporary license if the course is passed.


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