Academic Advising and Course Selection

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Academic Advising and Course Selection

  • From January 26 through April 9 students, teachers, parents, and counselors will work together to choose courses that align with each student's personal interests, career goals, and post-secondary aspirations as well as reflect the high expectations we have for all Titans.

    Selecting an academic program must be given considerable thought. The 2021-2022 Program of Studies is a comprehensive planning tool that provides a wealth of information about course offerings and graduation requirements that students and families can use to make informed decisions as they plan for success in high school and beyond.

    ACPS is committed to ensuring that all Titans graduate with workplace skills, a sense of civic responsibility, and post-secondary plans that align with their interests and goals. The academic advising process is a time for self-reflection as students imagine their futures. Academic advising is a student-centered, collaborative process. Counselors, teachers, administrators, and families work together to support students as they make important decisions. We encourage students and families to ask questions.

    As students choose courses it is important to remind them to consider the following:

    • Graduation requirements;
    • Career interests and post-secondary goals;
    • Personal well-being;
    • Balancing exploration with commitment and consistency; and
    • Extra-curricular and other commitments that demand students' time and energy.

    Video Presentations by Grade Level

    Parents and guardians are welcome to contact their child’s school counselor with questions. We encourage active participation in this important transition process. We look forward to working as a team to select a strong course of study for your student.