Alexandria City High School Fully Accredited

Accredited graphic
  • Alexandria City High School will be fully accredited for the 2019-20 school year for the first time in five years.

    The Virginia Department of Education announced that all ACPS schools, including Alexandria City High School, met the state benchmark for accreditation.

    “This is a new beginning for T.C. Williams. It has been a long journey and taken much from many people to get us to today. We want to make sure we build on this work and continue to make T.C. Williams the best place it can possibly be. This has taken commitment from our staff, parents and students I could not be prouder of them,” said principal Peter Balas.

    The ACPS accreditation results are presented through the new state accountability system introduced in 2018 that measures student growth over the course of a school year as well as overall achievement.

    “This kind of success doesn’t happen by chance, nor does it happen overnight. It happens through hard work, planning, preparation and dedication for all students to experience success regardless of their life circumstances,” said Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr.

    Alexandria City has made clear progress over the past three years. On-time graduation rates have increased across all students, especially students with disabilities and black students. Last year, the school was accredited with conditions.

    While the accreditation result is positive for ACPS, the school division is also aware that it still has work to do in some key areas. ACPS is currently focused on tackling inequities within the school division that can have an impact on the results that students achieve. ACPS will be working to remove barriers for students so that they are provided the support necessary to achieve within ACPS and beyond.