Student Programs at Naomi L. Brooks

  • Mentors and students Naomi L. Brooks Mentoring Program

    The Naomi L. Brooks Mentoring Program is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to create deep and meaningful relationships with students and their families by spending quality time with them. During the mentorship, students and their mentors will participate in different activities to support their academic, physical, or emotional needs.

    Shannon Evans, Mentoring Coordinator

    Meredith Forbes, Mentoring Coordinator

    Safety Patrols

    The safety patrols at Naomi L. Brooks Elementary School are guided by P.E. teachers, Scott Allan and Ashley Lienau. Morning safety patrols are assigned to school buses to monitor student behavior while the school bus is in motion and assist the driver in enforcing student safety. Safety patrols are also assigned to raise the flag in the morning, take down the flag at dismissal, and ensure student safety in the halls during student arrival/dismissal.

    Student Council Association (SCA)

    The Student Council Association (SCA) at Naomi L. Brooks Elementary School is led by Fourth Grade Teacher, Andrea Houston and Fifth Grade Teacher, Felicia Baskin. The SCA is a student governed orginization that focuses on community service, and addresses student hopes and dreams. Maury students vote to decide who is to be elected for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.