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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lisa Falleroni, School Counselor

Ms. Lisa Falleroni has been with Naomi L. Brooks School Counseling Elementary School for 15 years. She provides individual, group, and class guidance, and crisis counseling services to students and their families. Ms. Falleroni serves as the school's Talented and Gifted Designee, Chairperson of the school-based Section 504 Committee, and Homebound Coordinator. She has also served on the school's Social Studies, Science, and Health and Wellness Committees, as well as the Student Support Team (SST), Student Intervention Team (SIT), and Threat Assessment Team.  Ms. Falleroni contributed to the Noami L. Brooks' Mission Statement and Emergency Management Plan.

From September 2012-2016, Ms. Falleroni served as the Lead Elementary School Counselor, assisting the ACPS Director of Counseling to coordinate ACPS elementary school counselor programming and align developmentally sound services provided in thirteen elementary schools with those of MS and HS and the ACPS mission, advocating what is needed to accomplish delivery, and maintaining school counselor assignment and responsibilities at Maury. She collaborates with groups of stakeholders on the School Counselor Advisory Committee, taking aim at division mandated RAMP accreditation - implementation of the American School Counseling Association model over the next 3-5 years. In January 2017, Ms. Falleroni was one of three elementary schools to pilot online course registration as part of the academic advisement and career planning with rising 6th-grade students.

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