The Sheltercare Center and The Sheltercare Home School Educational Program

  • The Sheltercare Center is a regional state-operated program whose local educational agency is supported by ACPS.

    The Sheltercare Home School Educational Program (SHSEP) is an alternative educational program for students who have been placed at the Sheltercare Center. SHSEP provides full-day educational services for school-aged students who are residing at the Sheltercare Center. The school is a secure facility with a capacity of 14 students. Students are enrolled for short periods of time, ranging from 1 day to 90 days. Teachers servicing students are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    What makes SHSEP uniquely important to ACPS?

    • Students reside at the Sheltercare Center
    • Short transient enrollment of a student
    • Multi-grade, multi-ability classes
    • Educational transfer summaries prepared for students enrolled for more than five days
    • Collaboration with Sheltercare Center staff and school-based staff
    • Secure facility

    Academic Curriculum

    SHSEP’s academic program includes English, mathematics, social studies, and science. The school also offers:

    • Project-based learning
    • Daily literacy
    • Restorative Practices (community circles)
    • Character Education
    • SEAL support
    • Naviance
    • Canvas


    The classroom is equipped with a SMARTboard and desktop computers.

    Educational Faculty

    Number of Licensed Staff: 2


    We will ensure Equity for All by removing the barriers to an equitable educational experience for all of our students.


    Sheltercare Home School Educational Program aspires to be known for its excellence in teaching students in need of additional support and helping to prepare them for success in their home school.


    Sheltercare Home School Educational Program
    5920 Stevenson Avenue
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304


    Dr. Michael D. Casey
    Lead Teacher/Administrator

    Kennetra Wood
    Executive Director of Equity & Alternative Programs