Advisory Committee Meetings during COVID-19

  • At this time, Advisory Committee Meetings are meeting virtually. Please visit individual Advisory Committee pages to reach out to specific committees by email.

    If you have questions, please contact the Clerk of the Board by email at

School Board Advisory Committees

  • Apply to a School Board Advisory Committee

    School Board Advisory Committees

    Information about Specific School Board Advisory Committees

    Before applying to join a School Board Advisory Committee, the School Board requests that you attend one meeting and introduce yourself to the Committee Chair and Staff Liaison.

    When you are ready to apply to a School Board Advisory Committee, visit the link above to the online application. The application will ask you to provide the names and phone numbers of three references, as well as ask questions about the reason you wish to join the committee, potential contributions, and past community involvement. You are required to answer each question marked with an asterisk.

    Once your application is received, it will be forwarded to the Advisory Committee Chair for approval by the Committee, and then placed on a Board Meeting agenda for approval by the School Board. For more information, contact the Clerk of the Board at 703-619-8314 or by email at

    Resources for Advisory Committees

    The Resources for Advisory Committees page for information about advisory committees, the Advisory Committee Handbook, advisory committee policies, and advisory committee meeting templates.