Virginia Attendance Laws

  • Consistent school attendance strengthens the acquisition of positive work ethics and certain adaptive traits that are necessary for students to manage stressors throughout their life span. Regular school attendance is not solely a best practice philosophy, it is also a mandate, per Virginia Code 22.1‐254. This code stipulates that every parent or guardian of a youth between 5 and 18 years of age must send their child to school every day. Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) works in partnership with parents to ensure that students attend school every day. If, however, any student becomes chronically absent from school without excuse, there are specific laws that ACPS must enforce.

    Virginia laws that govern school attendance and shape ACPS attendance practices:

    • Virginia Code §22.1-254: Compulsory Attendance Laws
    • Virginia Code §22.1-258: Appointment of Attendance Officers
    • Virginia Code §22.1-259: Teachers to Keep Daily Attendance Records
    • Virginia Code §22.1-260: Reports of Children Enrolled and Non-enrolled
    • Virginia Code §22.1-261: Duties of Attendance Officers
    • Virginia Code §22.1-262: Complaints to Court When Parents Fail to Comply
    • Virginia Code §22.1-265: Inducing Children to Absent Themselves
    • Virginia Code §22.1-266: Law Enforcement Officers and Truant Children
    • Virginia Code §22.1-267: Proceedings Against Habitually Absent Children
    • Virginia Code §22.1-269: Duties of the Board of Education
    • Virginia Code §22.1-279.3: Parental Responsibility and Involvement Requirements