Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

  • SEAC provides recommendations to the School Board on support for students with disabilities and improves sensitivity to and understanding of the needs of students with disabilities. A majority of SEAC members are parents of children with disabilities or individuals with disabilities.

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    Special Education Advisory Committee Members

    • Michael Behrmann (Vice Chair)
    • Janet Eissenstat
    • Laura Fontaine
    • Lauren Golubski (Chair)
    • Cindy Hart
    • Carolyn Meza
    • Jennifer Niccolls
    • William Olson
    • Deborah Perry
    • Sabrina Reilly
    • Ashley Simpson Baird
    • Alexis Stackhouse
    • Sandra Strachan-Vieira
    • J-Lynn Van Pelt (Secretary)

    ACPS Staff Liaison

    • Theresa A. Werner, Executive Director of Specialized Instruction

    School Board Liaison

    • Meagan Alderton