Polk School Uniform Policy

  • School uniforms can create a "level playing field" that reduces socioeconomic disparities and encourage children to focus on their studies rather than their clothes.  We also anticipate that school uniforms will promote a sense of pride in our school and solidarity between students. The following guidelines provide students and families with a clear outline of what students should wear to school. 

    The expectation is that students will wear the specified color scheme and style Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. At the discretion of the principal, some days may be designated as non-uniform days.  Notice of non-uniform days will be sent to parents in advance.

    Per ACPS guidelines, no student shall be subject to compliance measures for failing to wear a uniform. Keeping this in mind, the administrative team made the decision to move forward considering ways to make this transition smooth and affordable for all families.


    logo_shirt   JKP Bottom Selection

    General Attire:

    A. Pants

    • Solid navy blue or black(no logo, design or picture)
    • Worn at the waist
    • No low-rise, bagging, or sagging

    B. Walking Shorts/Skorts/Skirts

    • Solid navy blue orblack (no logo, design or picture)
    • Worn at the waist
    • Must be at least fingertip length
    • No boxers or running shorts

    C. Shirt Styles (only one option for shirts that must be purchased online)

    • Royal Blue Polo-style long or short sleeve with Logo uniform shop.

    D. Shoes

    • Athletic shoes, leather shoes, and boots are all acceptable.
    • Sandals arepermitted in warmer weather.
    • NO flip flops of any kind will be permitted.
    • Athletic shoes must be worn for physical education classes.

    Casual Friday (optional):

    On Fridays, students can substitute their logo polo for any Polk spirit weart-shirt


    • Wednesday is “Kids Choice” day, students can choose to wear their uniform or any outfit of choice.
    • On fall and spring picture days, students can choose to wear their uniform or any outfit of choice
    • Sprit weeks occurs as a part of the bookfair and as established by will continue as they have in past years and uniforms are not expected during these weeks.
    • Other days may be designated by the administrator. Parents will be informed in advance via the PTA or school newsletter/communication.
    • In cold weather, uniforms should be worn, but any type of outerwear is acceptable.
    • Attire that is adorned as the result of a religious belief can be worn in addition to the uniform (including but not limited to a hijab)


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    Our staff understands the guidelines and will not comment on dress during the instructional day. James K Polk’s school support team and administrators will address any concerns initiated by parents or students.  If a student initiates a discussion publically, teachers will remind all students that discussions of dress are reserved for parents, administrators and school support staff.