Business Advisory Council

  • Business Advisory Council Superintendent Alvin Crawley launched the Business Advisory Council (BAC) in January 2015 to assist ACPS in achieving its vision to become a high performing school division. The role of the BAC is to:

    • Facilitate partnerships between local and regional businesses and the school division;
    • Provide insight in school division decision making around critical issues that impact student success; and
    • Provide ACPS students with enriching opportunities and resources that help them pursue post-secondary choices.

    The ACPS Business Advisory Council meets regularly throughout the year and is currently chaired by John Porter, President and CEO of ACT for Alexandria. Its members are local business leaders within Alexandria City that provide consumer services or employment opportunities for our residents.

    Among the regular themes discussed at the Business Advisory Council meetings are:

    • Providing advice on whether the ACPS curriculum is appropriate and adequate for ensuring students can enter the labor force with the knowledge, attitudes and skills that are considered relevant by employers;
    • Providing guidance on changes in the economy and the future job market and on developing relationships among business, labor organizations and educational personnel in the area;
    • Identifying possible resources that may assist the school division in closing resource or funding gaps; and
    • Identifying internship or mentorship opportunities for students and staff that will increase their knowledge, preparation and expertise in developing 21st century job market skills.


    If you would like more information on the Business Advisory Council or would like to join this group, please contact Anthony Kurt Huffman, Director of School, Business, and Community Partnerships, at

Members of the ACPS Business Advisory Council