After School Clubs


    James K. Polk is excited to offer after-school programs for students in grades K-5 three times per year. We have fall, winter, and spring sessions consisting of different clubs each session. Clubs meet after school on Monday or Wednesday from 2:45-3:45.  The clubs

    Clubs meet after school on Monday or Wednesday from 2:45-3:45.  The clubs offered range from soccer and basketball to Minecraft and lego exploration to culinary skills in the Polk Chefs program. Each club is fun for the students and teaches them a new concept outside of our Virginia state curriculum. 

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    Here are just a few of the clubs we offer:

    • Cheerleading is a year-round club. Students in grades 1-3 can participate. The cheerleaders learn many sideline cheers, cheer jumps, and sometimes even pyramids! The cheerleaders provide Polk with entertainment and school spirit! Often times we participate at school board meetings, assemblies, in-school events, and even community events!
    • In Lego club, students are given the opportunity to show their creativity! For each day of Lego club, there is a specific theme. Students use Legos to build models that match the theme either independently or with a small group of students. After completing a model each student or group explains why their model fits the theme.
    • The Whoooo News Newspaper Club is a club for third through fifth-grade students. The students learn how to collect information, write in a particular genre and edit and revise their work. Students become better writers and improve their typing skills as they work on articles that they think will be interesting to Polk students. At the end of each eight-week session, the club releases a digital newspaper to the Polk community!
    • At the soccer club, we learn ball control, the rules of the game, and sportsmanship. We learn how to train to get better at a sport, and we learn how to cooperate with teammates to defend our goal and to score on the other goal. We will come away from the class with more confidence on the ball, greater respect for the sport and for our teammates, and for the training, it takes to get better at a sport, or any endeavor. We develop an enjoyment of the game which brings joy to our lives.
    • Mad Science-“Secret Agent Lab” Ever wanted to be a detective? Do you think you have what it takes to discover "who done it"? If so, this program is for you! From secret communications and detective crime science to the inner workings of our cells and cool chemistry, this program is sure to make you go hmmm! Each day, we sleuth out the answers to many of life's mysteries!

    • In Girls' Coding Club, we do a variety of online and offline coding activities that teach communication skills, sequential thinking, and problem-solving. For example, the students gave and followed directions to help a partner get to the end of a maze. We also learn how coding is used in our day-to-day life and some important vocabulary words. Each week, students try out websites and apps, such as, Kodable, and Robot School. We even use robots and use what we've learned to tell them what to do!
    • Bienvenido to our Spanish Club for K-2nd grade. Our students will learn Spanish while participating in games, singing songs, and watching videos along with taking notes and studying vocabulary. Our students will leave our club knowing salutations as well as simple important Spanish phrases. Our goal is to have students further learn and understand the Spanish language and culture while having fun and interacting with other club members.
    • The Chess Club provides students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and strategies of the game. Club members will play each other using techniques to become successful in the game. Students will learn the history of the game and develop an appreciation for its importance.
    • The basketball club teaches the rules and skills of basketball needed to enjoy the game in a fun, low-pressure environment. Each week students will develop motor skills needed for basketball such as running, jumping, and catching and learn new skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, defending, rules of the game, etc. In addition to developing individual basketball skills, the students also learn to work with the team, improve their overall physical fitness, and develop sportsmanship and athletic integrity. This program allows students to learn, socialize and have fun at the same time.
    • "Making Global Connections" is a club created by Ms. Dillingham, Polk's Art Teacher. Students are given their own "passports" and virtually travel to several countries throughout the program, learning about each country's culture through videos, art, research, and occasionally guest speakers. Students are encouraged to share their own backgrounds and discover the importance of being a good global citizen.

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