• 2021-2022 ACPS Parent Liaisons

    Alexandria City Public Schools is committed to working as partners with our families to create meaningful partnerships to support our students’ academic and social-emotional development.  Our goal is to create welcoming environments to engage all families to become authentic co-owners of our schools who share responsibility for every student becoming college, career, and life ready. Through relationship building and by building staff and parent capacity, we create opportunities for family participation in learning, leadership, and advocacy that result in high levels of academic achievement and life opportunities for individual students and for the entire school.

    Our School Division also has Parent Liaisons in many of our schools including language-specific Parent Liaisons who serve the needs of Arabic-, Amharic-, and Spanish-speaking families division-wide.

    What are Parent Liaisons?

    Parent Liaisons are responsible for developing relationships with families that foster trust between families and the school to support successful academic and social-emotional development for all our students.

    How can the Parent Liaison help me?

    Parent Liaisons work to bridge the communication between school and home by helping parents get the information, support, and help they need to ensure their child’s academic and social success in school and beyond.

    How can the Parent Liaison help me?

    • Assisting with Parent/Teacher or Staff meetings
    • Arranging for an interpreter
    • Back to School Nights
    • Parent Orientation Meeting
    • Helping to find opportunities to volunteer
    • Addressing any issues and concerns you may have at the school
    • Connecting you and your family with educational opportunities to support your child at home
    • Facilitate parent meetings, workshops, and leadership development in collaboration with teachers