Planning Guide: What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

  • Personal interests can lead to professional interests. What we enjoy doing as hobbies can allow us to explore career choices in these fields. Below are some ways to begin developing your career goals.

    1. Think of your career in clusters. There are four main groups (clusters) that many careers fall into:

    • business and marketing
    • communication, arts, and media
    • engineering and industrial technologies
    • health, human, and public services

    2. To identify what your interest are, you can complete an interest inventory, which will show areas that relate to your interests. The following links include career interest inventories:

    3. Once you have an idea of your personal and career interests, select courses that will expand what you already know about this area. At the end of each school year, you will get a chance to select electives based upon your personal interests. Think about what skills you will need for each career interest you identified. Use the ACPS Program of Studies Guide to find class descriptions for each class choice you have made. Speak with your parents, teachers, and grade level school counselor to help you.