Goal 3: An Exemplary Staff

  • icon of a teacher teaching three students ACPS will recruit, develop, support, and retain a staff that meets the needs of every student.

    Why this is important: Our employees need to be resourceful, flexible, and creative. They must value diversity and collaboration and work well in teams. To this end, we must actively recruit, hire, train, and retain our staff using innovative methods and incentive. We must empower our people to be educational leaders. We must be driven by research and a constant adaptation in light of evidence. We must seek to reflect in our workforce the diversity of our community and meet the diverse needs of a multicultural student body. The school district needs to ensure that there are no barriers between the central office and school sites to create an effective flow of services and support. Pockets of excellence — programs and methods proven to work for students — should be shared, replicated, and made systemic.


    3.1 Staff Recruitment and Retention
    ACPS will hire the best employees possible and create an environment that motivates, competitively compensates, and retains them.

    3.2 Collaborative Instructional Achievement
    ACPS will nurture a school culture in which professionals collaborate closely to share knowledge, skills, and best practices aimed at improving student achievement.

    3.3 Individual Professional Development Opportunities and Strategic Plan Focus
    ACPS will expand professional development opportunities that include self-identified goals and that provide teachers and other staff members with multiple opportunities for improving their individual effectiveness and that respond to Strategic Plan priorities.

    3.4 Staff Wellness
    ACPS will promote the health and wellbeing of all members of the staff.

    3.5 Leadership Development
    ACPS will establish programs to identify talent and provide opportunities for future leadership roles.

    3.6 Staff Evaluation and Performance Improvement
    ACPS will provide multiple opportunities for all employees to receive feedback and coaching on their performance and resources needed to improve and excel.