Goal 4: Facilities and the Learning Environment

  • icon of a school building ACPS will provide optimal and equitable learning environments.

    Why this is important: High quality facilities and a comprehensive infrastructure are fundamental to learning and teaching. The physical environment of school buildings and school grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students, staff members, and visitors. Student achievement can be affected positively by the physical environment. Safe and clean environments are most conducive to learning and teaching. A robust infrastructure, including central office supports and an ever-improving technological framework, facilitates student learning and high quality teaching. Schools should be a source of pride for students, teachers, and community members.


    4.1 Optimal Learning Environments and Infrastructure
    In collaboration with City partners, ACPS will move aggressively to modernize all learning environments, expand or otherwise adapt facilities to meet projected changes in school enrollment, and ensure equitable application of capital improvements throughout the school division.

    4.2 Well Maintained Facilities
    ACPS will ensure that facilities are maintained at high levels and that repair needs are addressed in a timely and efficient manner to support the educational mission and daily operations of the district.

    4.3 Sustainable Facilities
    ACPS will model sustainable environmental practices.

    4.4 Safe and Secure Facilities
    ACPS will ensure that its facilities are safe and secure.

    4.5 Information Technology Infrastructure
    ACPS will maintain an IT infrastructure within which an equitable distribution of resources provides support to every educational program and learning environment.

    4.6 Outdoor Learning and Recreational Opportunities
    ACPS will ensure its outdoor recreation and learning spaces are accessible and appealing to the community.