Goal 5: Health and Wellness

  • icon of a heart with a cross symbolizing health ACPS will promote efforts to enable students to be healthy and ready to learn.

    Why this is important: Students who are healthy are better able to learn and attend school than those who are not. Students with high levels of such "developmental assets" as family support, relationships with caring non-family adults, an ethos that promotes service to others, and safe environments are more likely to engage in positive social interactions and exhibit respect, tolerance, and self-discipline. Families that are knowledgeable about health and wellness activities are able to encourage their students to make healthy decisions and pursue active lifestyles.


    5.1 Student Physical, Social, and Emotional Health
    ACPS will develop, implement, and monitor effective programs that promote physical, social, and emotional wellness in order to maximize students’ learning potential.

    5.2 Values, Experiences, Relationships, and Qualities that Benefit Young People
    ACPS will help students develop positive attitudes, self-confidence, and self-direction by increasing the values, experiences, relationships, and qualities that have been identified to benefit young people.

    5.3 Physical Fitness, Recreation, and Play
    ACPS will promote activities and curricula designed to promote lifelong commitments to active, healthy lifestyles among its students and to creative expression.

    5.4 Safe Routes to Schools
    ACPS will encourage walking and bicycling and collaborate with city authorities to ensure that safe routes are available and publicized in order that students will develop a sense of autonomy and healthy, life-long habits.

    5.5 Healthy Meals and Nutrition
    ACPS will ensure that all students are ready to learn by having the benefit of access to nutritious, appealing school meals and that lessons on the importance of nutritious foods are included in the curriculum.

    5.6 Persistence and Resilience
    ACPS will provide opportunities and motivations for students to develop the attributes, dispositions, social skills, attitudes, and intrapersonal resources that high-achieving individuals draw upon to succeed.