Attendance Policy

students working a table
  • What are school hours?

    Students should be seated in the classroom by at 8:00AM. Students should enter the building at 7:50AM to get to their classrooms and be ready to start the day by 8:00. Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:00AM. Students are released beginning at 2:25 PM and ending at 2:35PM depending on grade and method of transportation. 7

    What do I do if we are going to miss school for vacation?

    If your child will miss school please notify the school registrar. Please make every effort to schedule your family vacation around the school calendar. If this is not possible, please have your child read and write each day that he/she is out of school. Please do not expect your child’s teacher to provide you with a packet of work to take along; teachers will provide the work that is missed upon your child’s return to school. Sufficient time will be provided to complete this work. School days missed due to vacation are considered unexcused absences. Please keep in mind that students in Grades 3-5 take state exams at the end of the school year. It is very important for all students to be present during this testing window. Ms. Oliver is the testing coordinator and will make sure these dates are posted once they have been determined.

    How do I sign out my child for an appointment?

    Please send a note to school with your child, notifying the teacher of the child’s need to leave early. When you arrive at school, please come to the office to sign out your son/daughter on the sign out computer. The office staff will call the classroom to ask the teacher to send your child to the office for dismissal.

    What do I do if the school social worker, Maureen Allen sends me a reminder about the number of absences/tardies?

    If you receive a reminder notice from Ms. Allen regarding your child’s number of absences or tardies, please contact her in writing or by calling the office at (703)706-4470. According to the School Attendance Law of 1999, each parent/guardian shall be responsible for the child’s regular and punctual attendance at school as required under provisions of the law. The only excused tardies are appointments with a doctor’s note and the late arrival of a school bus. When a student accumulates ten unexcused tardies, the family will be referred to Ms. Allen. She will contact you initially when your child has five absences. You may be required to go to the Attendance Panel. After the 7th unexcused absence, the student and parent(s) may have to appear before the Juvenile Court Judge and be subject to various kinds of penalties.