Family Involvement

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  • Family Involvement May I visit the school during school hours?

    We welcome all parents into our school and encourage you to visit your child’s classroom. However, to avoid any possible disruption to the learning process, we do ask you to make arrangements ahead of time by contacting your child’s teacher.

    The safety and security of every George Mason student is of primary importance to us. For this reason, all entry doors are locked. Please ring the doorbell at the front entry and the office staff will buzz the door open for you once they have identified who you are and your purpose for visiting. We require all parents and visitors to enter through the main office and register on the computer. A visitor sticker will be printed and all adult visitors must wear these stickers while in the building. Please return to the office upon leaving to sign out. A visitor is an individual visiting George Mason for a limited and short term purpose. Examples would be attending a meeting, dropping off medication, or joining a child for lunch. At no time would a visitor be unsupervised with an individual child or group of children.

    How can I volunteer in the school?

    See the volunteer section for details on how you can get involved. 

    May I join my child for lunch? May I bring younger siblings? What about recess?

    George Mason parents are welcome to come to school and have lunch with their child(ren). In addition to the typical lunch day, the cafeteria staff host special luncheon days such as a Thanksgiving lunch and spring Strawberries & Greens celebration. You can always access lunch menus and information about Food & Nutrition services via the ACPS website. We ask that you meet your child in the cafeteria, not at the classroom door. Younger siblings are welcome, too. If your child’s classroom lunch table is full with students we ask that you and your child sit at an open table. A friend of your child is welcome to join you both. The cafeteria hostess can help direct you to an open table. We ask that parents not attend recess with their child(ren) because teachers need to give their full attention to the supervision of their students while on the playground.

    Is parking available in front of the school during the school day?

    There is limited parking in front of the school. Please note the hours posted on the signs along Cameron Mills Road. Parking is never permitted in the area designated for buses.