Visitor Guidelines

  • Alexandria City High School welcomes the community to planetarium shows. To ensure the best experience for all, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Schedule your visitation as soon as possible to secure a date and time. Confirm this information a week before your visit.
    2. Transportation is arranged by the visiting school group or organization. ACPS schools should note that transportation requires at least two weeks in advance to reserve buses and there are times and dates that do not work for their schedule.
    3. The week before the visit, you must submit a list of all attendees please include the name of your group, the date and time of your visit and the contact person. This information is needed by the school to ensure safety and security.
    4. If you or your students have special needs, please let the presenter know ahead of time so we can ensure accessibility.
    5. Please have your students use the restroom prior to the show. Due to the number of students at Alexandria City High School, it is best if they use the restrooms at their own school site. For evening shows, the restrooms on the first floor are best to use before heading to the third floor planetarium.
    6. The use of cell phones and computers is prohibited during the show. The ambient light washes out the stars and hinders the show.
    7. There is to be no food or drink in the planetarium.
    8. Please be on time. Once the schedule starts falling behind, it impacts subsequent shows. While shows may start late, they will have to end on time if there are other shows on the schedule.
    9. If for some reason a student needs to exit the planetarium, please let the presenter know so the student and a supervising adult can safely exit the room.
    10. Please remember, that when classes are in session at the school, visiting students should not disrupt instruction.

    Please note that weather and other events can sometimes interrupt the best plans. The Planetarium follows the same closures and early start/end times as ACPS. Please be alert to any notifications from ACPS about closures since they will affect the shows. In addition, community shows that do not get enough interest will be canceled and those participants will be given priority booking to another community show.