STEM Frequently Asked Questions

STEM class
  • What will the team be like?

    You will be on a team of ninth graders who have taken it upon themselves to take control of their learning. You will help shape and develop units, projects, and field trips.

    What about the teachers?

    You will have some of the most enthusiastic and passionate teachers around. They will work together to empower you, look out for you, and encourage your creative side.

    Am I a good fit?

    Do you like to focus on topics that interest you? STEM will incorporate science, technology, engineering and math into core classes and explore how they relate to everyday life.

    Will it be all STEM all the time?

    No. You will still take English, history, and electives. All students are required to take engineering. All core classes will be student-centered, hands-on, and inquiry-based.

    What if I want to be in honors classes?

    Your STEM/core classes will offer honors curriculum and credit.