ACPS 2019 Spring Health Challenge: The Habit Challenge, Make 'em or Break 'em

  • Finding Fit's Fourth Annual Spring Challenge: Begins April 1st!

    For the first 2 weeks in April, you are encouraged to begin a new healthy habit, or break an unhealthy habit. Download the calendar and check out the list on the back—or consult another source—to find an unhealthy habit you have that you’d like to break AND/OR a healthy habit you’d like to add to your daily repertoire (max = 1 of each). Write your selected habit(s) below, and then keep track of your progress either “breaking” them or “making” them on the calendar above for the first two weeks in April. Each day you’re able to avoid your unhealthy habit, give yourself a tally mark. Likewise, if you’ve had luck on a given day performing the healthy habit you selected, give yourself a tally mark. Tally your final score in the lower right-hand corner of this page (28 points possible if you both make and break a habit each day) and return the form to your Wellness Champion.


    Step 1: Download the Calendar

    Step 2: Document tally marks on each day from April 1-14, 2019 on your calendar based on the challenge criteria.

    Step 3: Return completed calendar to your Wellness Champion by Friday, April 26, 2019.


    Download the the 2019 Spring Challenge Calendar and help your school or department become the healthiest bunch in ACPS.


    Prizes will be awarded to:

    --The school/CO Department with the highest combined average point total per participation

    --The school/CO Department with the greatest percentage of overall participation 

    --All participants who are albe to finish with 10 or more points will be entered into a raffle