Donations Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a donation to ACPS Schools or to a particular school?

    Visit the Donate To ACPS page and click on the "Donate to ACPS" button to access the donation form. On the form there is an opportunity to provide specific information about your donation.

    Do I have to use the online donations form?

    ACPS prefers that donors use the donations web page as it helps ACPS manage the donation and supports a smooth process for the donor. Using the online form helps track the donation, funnel it to the appropriate department and/or school, and generate the proper thank you letter for the donor's tax deduction. The form is easy to complete and should take just a couple of minutes.

    I donated something to my child's school but didn't know that there was an online donation form or a specific process to follow. What do I do now?

    Not to worry. The school principal will fill out the online donation form and will contact the Office of School, Business and Community Partnerships to continue through any next steps.

    What are the "Standards Of Acceptance" guidelines?

    To meet donation standards of acceptance, a donation must:

    1. Have a purpose consistent with the goals of ACPS;
    2. Impose no undesirable, unacceptable, or hidden costs in terms of resources (staff, time, maintenance, budget, materials, etc.) to ACPS;
    3. Place no unacceptable conditions or restrictions on the school division or its educational or extracurricular programs;
    4. Not assume that the School Board will accept responsibility for continuing the benefit of or program supported by the donation if or when the funds are exhausted; and
    5. Meet any applicable federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations, Board policies, regulations or guidelines associated with its construction or use; and meet any applicable safety standards.

    Is my donation to ACPS tax deductible?

    Yes. Donations to governmental entities such as ACPS are tax deductible. Please refer to IRS Publication 1771 if you have any questions.

    What if I want to give my donation to a specific school?

    You would just need to make sure to indicate that request when you fill out the donation form.

    Will ACPS pick up my donated item?

    Donors should make every attempt to deliver accepted donations to ACPS. The school division will only consider picking up donated items in extraordinary circumstances.

    The item that I want to donate may be worth a lot of money. I would feel more comfortable if a value was assigned to my donation. Can ACPS do this?

    ACPS never assigns a value to a donation and the IRS does not require a school system to do so. If you have questions, ACPS recommends that donors review IRS Publication 1771.

    Why was my offered donation declined?

    While ACPS appreciates all offers of donations, some items are simply do not meet our standards of acceptance as found in our regulation guidelines. If your offered donation meets the standards of acceptance but is declined for any other reason, we will still reach out to our community partners to see if they have need for the item(s). To view regulation standards, please visit ACPS Policy KH-R: Regulations for Public Donations to the Schools (PDF) for additional information.

    How do I get the official letter from ACPS for my tax deduction?

    Once a donation offer is received and accepted, the donor will receive a thank you and acceptance letter by email from ACPS.

    What if I have additional questions?

    Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions. Contact information is found on the Donate To ACPS page.