Classification Review Frequently Asked Questions

  • If the reclassification of my position is approved, when will I see my pay increase?
    The effective date is March 1 following the reclassification approval and is subject to change if circumstances warrant.

    Who will conduct the review for the reclassification?
    All requests for reclassification for support and administrative employees will be reviewed by an independent classification consultant.

    How much can I expect my pay increase to be if my reclassification is approved?

    1. Your pay (hourly rate or salary) will be advanced one step on your current salary grade, and
    2. On the new salary grade (as a result of your reclassification), you will then be placed on the step that is equivalent or closest to the payor hourly rate determined in (a).

    Who do I need to contact to get a copy of my job description?
    For a copy of your job description, contact Maria Jones at

    Can I send my request for reclassification directly to HR?
    No, you must meet with your supervisor to review your job description and discuss any update changes or updates, including statements or reasons on how your position has changed. Your supervisor will sign your request form and submit it to the Chief Officer of your department/area for signature. The Chief Officer will forward the complete reclassification packet to the Human Resources Department.