Networking - Partnerships

  • Collaborations

    ACPS values networking and building partnerships to support drug education in schools. Partners help by means of technical support, consultation, funding, and more. Substance Abuse Counselors Network for resources and building partnerships to coordinate and conduct substance abuse prevention (TIER1)

    • SAPCA
    • FACE
    • SCAN
    • Alexandria City. Youth Development Program
    • Juvenile District Relations Court
    • Curriculum Design & Instructional Services/Health, PE, & Family Life Education (FLE)

    On a regular basis SA counselors participate in committees and meetings to include:

    • The Opioid Work Group
    • Children & Youth Master Plan 
    • Gang Prevention Program
    • Attendance Review Panel
    • Disciplinary Panel
    • Training: design and implementation of Canvas courses to staff about alcohol and other drugs.