Mount Vernon Community School Play Garden

New Mount Vernon Play Garden - Completed

MVCS Play Garden Modernization Timeline:

  • Pre-Construction:

    •    Late May, 2018: Bidding Period
    •    Late June, 2018: School Board Final Approval
    •    Mid July, 2018: Construction Contract awarded and fully executed
    •    July 31, 2018: Advance crew to stake out Limits of Disturbance
    •    August 1, 2018: City of Alexandria Pre-Construction Meeting


    • First week in August: Pivot Construction mobilizes on site pre-maturely to set up the Limits of Disturbance perimeter fence at the request of the school and communications.
    • August 29, 2018: ACPS receives the fully executed Notice to Proceed.
    • September 11, 2018: The first on-site Progress Meeting is held at which team members of the playground committee bring to ACPS attention that the existing playground equipment is rapidly deteriorating. This is followed by an inspection which confirms that the existing equipment is reaching the end of its functional life. Subsequent in-house solicitations are made to the Procurement Office and the request to issue a Change Order for new replacement equipment is denied.
    • September 2018: Rain occurs every day except for four days- (20) days lost. Although, the Contractor was able to set up tree protection and remove 7” of asphalt under the existing soccer field as an unforeseen condition.
    • October 2018: Progress is slowed by the inability of a supply vendor to deliver material. Later, the first delivery of the cast-stone wall arrives. Observers begin to notice the lack of supervision and activity on site.
    • November 14, 2018: The new Procurement Director re-visits the approach to allow for the replacement of the existing playground equipment. An informal Notice to Proceed is issued to the Contractor to place the order.

    This will generate a significant change to the Scope of Work deleting all Add Alternates, crediting back all previous work to be done on the old equipment and substituting all new equipment.

    • November 27, 2018: Reports and observations continue regarding the lack of activity and supervision. ACPS gives direction to the Contractor to revise the Schedule and to provide full time supervision and to accelerate production by expanding crew size and extending work hours. Issuing a “Cure Notice” to the Contractor is discussed with Procurement.
    • December 4, 2018: Contractor provides and second updated Schedule, has full time supervision on-site and productivity has been accelerated as a result of increased crew size and extended work hours. The revised Schedule anticipates the completion of the “hardscape” components of the project and the remaining “landscape” components in the Spring.
    • December 5, 2018: Procurement issues a formal “Cure Notice” to the Contractor warning of ACPS pursuit of all recourse should the Contractor fail to maintain production levels commensurate with the updated Schedule.
    • January – April: General Contractor works with ACPS and Design Consultants to expedite construction work.
    • May 2019: Discovered collapse stormwater management pipe under soccer field and procured vendor to repair.  Issued request for pricing to remove dying Magnolia tree. Contacted GC’s bonding company regarding performance under contract.
    • June 2019: Completion of the following balance of the project work defined below:
      • Soccer field installation
      • Fencing- metal and cedar
      • Kinder Lot grading
      • Kinder Lot placement of all play equipment
      • Kinder Lot placement of all surfacing
      • Installation of the bridge
      • Installation of the water fountain
      • Installation of the tool shed
      • Placement of the loose picnic tables
      • Bonded EWF installation at elevated area
      • Permanent adhesion of the cap stones along the entire length of all retaining walls.
      • Painting of the planets