Superintendent's 100-Day Entry Plan

  • In July, ACPS welcomed Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. as our new superintendent. In the first 100 days of his tenure as superintendent, Dr. Hutchings will work collaboratively with school and community stakeholders to review, assess and familiarize himself with every area of the division in line with the goals of the ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan.

    icon: Academic Excellence and Educational EquityGOAL 1: Academic Excellence and Educational Equity – Every student will be academically successful and prepared for life, work and college.

    Entry Plan Objective – Assess progress toward the school division’s goals outlined in the ACPS 2020 Plan as well as the progress on the key performance indicators (KPI) in the ACPS 2020 Data Scorecard.

    • Review and analyze patterns of student achievement using the Virginia Standards of Accreditation and ACPS 2020 Data Scorecard for all ACPS schools with a focus on achievement gaps, equity, and disproportionality
    • Review and analyze progress of action steps in the ACPS 2020 Plan
    • Review and analyze patterns of student achievement using School Education Plans for all schools with a focus on achievement gaps, equity and disproportionality
    • Collaboratively plan, organize and facilitate a Leadership Institute for all school division leaders to attend and discuss continuous improvement on academic achievement for all students
    • Establish action steps for Year 4 of the ACPS 2020 Plan
    • Attend monthly principal meetings to listen and learn about ACPS opportunities for leaders to focus on instructional leadership, data disaggregation, professional learning, customer service, student achievement, curriculum and instruction
    • Review and analyze achievement gap and disparities in the following areas: mathematics, science and reading
    • Review and analyze historical and current data on discipline, grade distribution, climate surveys, and state testing
    • Review and evaluate curriculum guides to ensure alignment with Virginia Standards of Learning and ACPS Common Assessments
    • Conduct school visits with principals
    • Review and evaluate progress monitoring tools to determine student mastery and achievement growth
    • Evaluate school division’s efforts to increase 4-year graduation rate with a focus on the following subgroups: Economically Disadvantaged, Black/African American, Hispanic, English Learners, and Students with Disabilities
    • Meet with principals and teachers to gauge their perceptions on support from the central office to assist with meeting the needs of all students
    • Meet with students to gauge their perceptions on academic support from teachers and administration as well as quality of instruction
    • Review and evaluate efforts to monitor the effectiveness of school division initiatives and programs to increase academic achievement
    • Determine and evaluate current practices to provide schools opportunities to collaborate and discuss best practices for increasing student achievement
    • Review and evaluate current practices to ensure effective transition support for students from PreK-5 to Middle; from Middle to High; and High School to college and careers
    • Review and evaluate current practices to ensure students’ social, emotional and physical needs are met
    • Review and evaluate authority and autonomy of principals to serve students in their respective schools and increase academic achievement
    • Review and evaluate the adult learning programs

    icon: Family and Community EngagementGOAL 2: ACPS will partner with families and the community in the education of Alexandria’s youth.

    Entry Plan Objective – Establish a rapport with board members, students, parents, teachers, school administrators, support staff, administrative staff, central office staff, special groups, community organizations, businesses, city officials, local universities/colleges, and religious leaders to ensure effective communication and collaboration.

    • Establish a Superintendent’s Transition Advisory Committee to advise and guide the Superintendent on implementation of the Superintendent’s 100-day entry plan
    • Meet with the Superintendent’s Transition Advisory Committee to determine progress on attaining objectives in the Superintendent’s 100-day entry plan
    • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of ACPS Communications
    • Film a welcome message to community, new families, and new teachers
    • Establish a rapport with Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee to advise the Superintendent on school division issues and recommendations from the student perspective
    • Establish routine meetings with parent organizations to discuss parental involvement initiatives
    • Identify and meet with parents in the City of Alexandria whose children attend non-public schools to discuss their perspectives on the Alexandria City Schools
    • Learn about the school division’s family and community engagement (FACE) efforts and determine feasibility of expanding family outreach efforts
    • Create welcome letter for the community and ACPS faculty and staff
    • Establish routine meetings with the City Manager to discuss city/school division business and finance
    • Attend routine meetings with the Education Association of Alexandria leadership to keep abreast of school division concerns related to the teaching staff
    • Schedule community informational sessions on new Virginia Standards of Accreditation
    • Attend School Open Houses, Back to School nights, and other school events including extra-curricular activities and athletics
    • Establish an informational session for local businesses, real estate agencies, religious leaders and higher education institutions to create partnerships for increasing student achievement
    • Meet with community leaders
    • Participate in Neighborhood Walks
    • Solicit community stakeholders to host “Listen and Learn” sessions with the Superintendent
    • Meet and confer with local news and media regarding communications and ACPS
    • Meet and confer with board members
    • Attend board advisory committee meetings including Athletic Hall of Fame, Budget Advisory, Career and Technical Education Advisory, School Health Advisory, Special Education Advisory, Talented and Gifted Advisory

    icon: An Exemplary StaffGOAL 3: ACPS will recruit, develop, support and retain a staff that meets the needs of every student.

    Entry Plan Objective – Evaluate the school division’s human capital initiatives including recruitment, retention, development and supports.

    • Review and analyze efficiency of human resources practices including FTE allocation and Human Resources Audit
    • Evaluate recruitment, retention, evaluation, and professional growth plans for sustaining high quality employees
    • Evaluate professional learning opportunities offered to teachers and administrators on meeting the needs of all students
    • Evaluate the succession planning initiative to ensure ACPS has well prepared leaders for future leadership roles
    • Review and analyze the process to conduct an investigation of grievances, administrative complaints, and other employee conduct issues

    icon: Facilities and Learning EnvironmentsGOAL 4: ACPS will provide optimal and equitable learning environments.

    Entry Plan Objective – Assess facilities and implementation of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) as well as technology infrastructure and technology resources in classrooms.

    • Assess all buildings in ACPS to determine if they are well maintained
    • Assess safety protocols and training for emergency situations including intruder in the building, lock-down and lock-in
    • Assess and evaluate preventative maintenance efforts and Facilities Audit
    • Review and discuss the capital improvement plan with a focus on Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School, PreK Center and Patrick Henry PreK-8 as well as other renovation and modernization projects
    • Review and discuss technology infrastructure and technology plan
    • Review and discuss data accessibility and data quality as well as technology supports for assessments and instructional practices
    • Discuss and establish next steps for addressing capacity issues at T.C. Williams High School

    icon: Health and WellnessGOAL 5: ACPS will promote efforts to enable students to be healthy and ready to learn.

    Entry Plan Objective – Assess programs to foster healthy lifestyles and provide students with necessary supports to become productive citizens.

    • Review and discuss the school nutrition program for ACPS
    • Assess pupil transportation services and initiatives
    • Assess and evaluate the progress with Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and Restorative Practices (RP)
    • Review and discuss the Talented and Gifted plan for ACPS
    • Review and discuss physical activity plans to encourage healthy active lifestyles
    • Review and discuss the Special Education Audit
    • Review and assess supports to assist underrepresented college bound students and first generation college students through AVID

    icon: Effective and Efficient OperationsGOAL 6: ACPS will be efficient, effective, and transparent in its business operations.

    Entry Plan Objective – Assess fiscal stewardship, operational efficiencies and continuous improvement.

    • Actively participate in the budgetary process with stakeholders to establish a proposed FY 2020 combined funds and CIP budgets
    • Review and analyze efficiency of finance and budget practices including financial management system (MUNIS), procurement procedures, appropriations controls, expenditures monitoring and chart of accounts as well as Procurement Audit
    • Review and analyze the staffing formulas and class size analyses
    • Review school division’s financial forecast and current budgetary process as well as how it supports student achievement using the ACPS 2020 plan as a guide