Current ACPS High School Programs

2018 Graduation Class
  • Alexandria’s high school programs are comprised of T.C. Williams Main Campus, Minnie Howard Campus, Chance for Change and the T.C. Williams Satellite Campus at Central Office. Alexandria has outgrown these physical spaces.

    T.C. Williams High School offers several academies that offer programs in specialized subject areas. These include: The Finance Academy, the Governor's Health Sciences Academy at T.C. Williams High School, a STEM program that started in 2013 and an International Academy. Career Technical Education (CTE) was established at least 45 years ago at the high school and was started as a vocational program.

    The current high school model is based on a single high school, T.C. Williams High School. Although viewed as one large high school by the community, in practice it has multiple academies and alternative programs sometimes co-located, sometimes located elsewhere with/without formal leadership:

    • The main King Street Campus houses 3,065 students in grades 10-12, including 700+ International Academy students, a STEM Academy, Academy of Finance, multiple Career and Technical Education pathways
    • The Minnie Howard Campus houses 884 ninth-grade students
    • The T.C. Satellite Campus offers online courses for 100 students on the second floor of Central Office and has its own principal
    • Chance for Change program houses 25 to 40 students at South Peyton Street with its own principal
    • In August 2018, the Governor’s Health Sciences Academy was launched, located primarily at Minnie Howard but with some courses located at George Washington University
    • Formal talks are taking place with Northern Virginia Community College about an Early College Program