World Languages Credit-by-Exam Overview

  • ACPS now has a tremendous opportunity for students who are fluent in languages other than English.

    ACPS students in grades six through 12 with the ability to comprehend and communicate in languages other than English now have the opportunity to earn up to three high school credits for world languages as the result of a new School Board policy and regulation adopted last spring.

    ACPS students hail from 118 different countries and speak 120 different languages. This is a true gift to our schools and our community and one that gives our students the invaluable experience of being part of a global community within their own school division. And now, students who are fluent in languages other than English have the opportunity to earn high school credits towards the world languages requirement (see Program of Studies (PDF), p. 8) and towards the Virginia Diploma Seal of Biliteracy.

    What This Means for Students

    Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to take a credit-by-exam assessment if they can read, write, speak and listen in the language of the exam being tested. Assessments are available in over 100 languages, including American Sign Language.

    Students who are able to complete all work independently at the novice-high proficiency level or higher level on division-approved national or international assessments can earn up to three high school credits.

    The credits earned would go towards meeting the Virginia Department of Education world language requirements for the advanced diploma and would also provide students the opportunity to meet the world language requirement for the highly regarded Virginia Diploma Seal of Biliteracy.

    Initial Assessment Free to Students

    The first assessment taken for each credit (up to three) is free to ACPS students and is covered by ACPS. Students may retake an assessment as many times as they choose, however, ACPS only pays for the first time.

    Availability of Assessments

    ACPS offers credit by exam assessments once per school year in the fall. Spring testing will be available for seniors needing world language credits to graduate.

    Register for Assessment Beginning Early September Through Early October

    Interested students can register online.

    Results of the assessments will be mailed to families as they become available but no later than the end of January.

    Where Can I Learn More?

    Read the full list of frequently asked questions.

    Students interested in earning credit-by-exam should first complete the self-assessment grid (PDF).


    Please contact World Language Instructional Specialist Tanja Mayer-Harding at