• Family Engagement


    Magnifying    Objective:  ACPS will collaborate with parents and guardians in providing the high-quality services they need in order to be leaders in the education of their children.


    Target Goal:  90% of families and community members completing annual survey will indicate they are satisfied with the services ACPS provides to engage families in their child's education.



    Graph Key Performance Indicators:   Number of enrolled participants in FACE Workshop Series.  Percentage of participants that regularly participate and complete workshop series.


    Strategy:   Engage families in meaningful opportunities designed to support children's academic success and healthy social/emotional development. 

    Strategy:   Connect ACPS families to tools, information and services that support educational achievement and overall quality of life.

    Strategy:    Eliminate barriers to family engagement for ACPS families who are low-income, limited English proficient and/or historically-disenfranchised families.