Evaluation of Family Engagement

  • ACPS is conducting a division-wide evaluation of family engagement to better understand the needs, resources and services needed to engage all families throughout ACPS and the barriers that might limit engagement for some.

    In ACPS, family engagement means a shared responsibility between school, out of school programs and families. It involves partnering with families to support student learning and success. Family engagement includes ongoing, goal-directed relationships between staff and families that are mutual, culturally responsive and support what is best for children and families, both individually and collectively.

    The evaluation, which will take place March through May 2019, will focus on beliefs, attitudes, cultural competency and values around the framework of:

    • Relationships
      Barriers, trust, mutual respect and cultural competency

    • Activities and Future Desires
      Opportunities for ongoing learning, professional development, events and engagement

    • Decision-making
      Voice, sharing of opinions, feeling heard, collaboration, inclusiveness, awareness and responsiveness

    • Environment/Climate
      School environment, interaction with staff, accessibility and community partnerships

    • Communication
      Content, processes, methods, timeliness, family friendliness and availability in multiple languages

    This framework is grounded within research and was developed to to fit the unique needs and interests of ACPS

    The evaluation will include a variety of data collection methods, including:

    • Observations in schools
    • Parent survey (in English, Arabic and Spanish online; Amahric on paper at schools)
    • Staff survey
    • Parent and staff focus groups. (Parent focus groups in English, Spanish, Amharic and Arabic)
    • Staff interviews

    The evaluation is being conducted in partnership with ICF International. Findings from the evaluation will be used to inform decisions related to how ACPS engages with families and the relevant policies.

    A report on the evaluation results will be drafted and finalized this summer. The evaluation report and next steps for the division are expected to be available in fall 2019.