Swing Space at Patrick Henry for Douglas MacArthur Modernization

Kids doing class work
  • The Douglas MacArthur Elementary School modernization project timeline has been advanced due to the decision to use the former Patrick Henry facility as swing space on Taney Avenue. Starting in the summer of 2020, while the Douglas MacArthur building is modernized, the elementary school will be known as Douglas MacArthur on Taney Avenue.

    ACPS has been systematically modernizing aging elementary facilities as part of the ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan.Douglas MacArthur opened its doors in 1943 to serve the families drawn to the area to support the war effort. The school became part of ACPS in 1947.  Research has shown that providing high-quality learning environments can have a big impact on the ability of children to learn. 

    ACPS will be providing updates on the swing space project and soliciting feedback at community meetings throughout the double occupancy of the site. The first of these open community meetings was held on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at Patrick Henry School. 

    In May, ACPS set up the Superintendent's Patrick Henry and Douglas MacArthur Collaborative Committee. The committee includes members who had been on a Patrick Henry Advisory Group when it was under construction as well as representatives from both school’s PTA, staff members, RPCA, Civic Association liaisons and school board and city council members. 

Swing Space Timeline
  • We will be communicating regularly with both the Douglas MacArthur and Patrick Henry communities around these projects. To stay informed, please sign up for email updates.