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    Please click on the links below to view and/or print the ACPS Volunteer Handbook in English, Spanish, Arabic and Amharic.


            English Handbook            Spanish Handbook       

    English               Spanish      




    Arabic Handbook                Amharic Handbook

    Arabic                        Amharic  


    Volunteer Code of Conduct Forms


    Please feel free to click on the link below to access and view our ACPS Volunteer Code of Conduct Form.  As you go through the ACPS Formal Volunteer Application Process, you will be asked to sign the code of conduct form.   The links below will hopefully help a potential volunteer to see what will be expected as an active ACPS volunteer. 



    Code of Conduct -English (PDF)

     Code of Conduct - Español (PDF) 

    Code of Conduct- Amharic (PDF)

    Code of Conduct- Arabic (PDF)








    If you have any questions or need additional information please contact:

    Angela Houghton

    Volunteer Specialist
    Office of School, Business and Community Partnerships